Meet The Teller Team

Taylor Dinardo -


 I have been involved with The Teller since it was founded in the fall of 2018! Since then, I have held the positions of Art and Literature co-section editor, Managing Editor, and finally Editor-in-Chief.


I was drawn to this magazine because of the love and appreciation for SUNY New Paltz student art and writing that is inherent in its concept.


I am humbled to hold my current title and to have the privilege of working with individuals who inspire me every day.

Sara Moinian - Website Manager

After seeing a couple of issues released from The Teller in 2019, I knew I wanted to be apart of this team. I wasn't too sure where I would fit, but The Teller provides so many opportunities I was able to land this position.


This my first semester with the Teller and I am looking foward to the amazing opportunities this will bring me. I have already met so many people and I am excited to see what is in store for me. 

Caroline Goulet -

Social Media Manager

Hello. I have been involved with The Teller since my freshman year (Fall 2019). For two consecutive semesters, I was the Spotify Manager where I created the playlists and created the covers that worked with our aesthetics. I am currently holding the position of The Social Media Manager where I post everyone’s amazing articles and art!



I was drawn to The Teller in the first place because it showcases students' own words and creativeness and I find that amazing! I am so happy to be able to represent all the contributors’ work when I post on our Instagram!

Kirstin Phillips -

Head of Design 

I've been involved with The Teller since my freshman year. I contributed here and there and then joined the design team for my sophomore year, and now I'm the head of design! 


I love The Teller, as it really showcases the creativity of everyone who contributes, especially with the themes. Flipping through the magazine on the first of every month is an awesome feeling, just seeing everyone's hard work!

'm so honored to work with an incredible eboard as well as the spectacular design team!

Susanna Granieri -

Head of Page Editor 

Susanna Granieri is a fourth-year journalism and digital media production major at SUNY New Paltz, and has been a part of The Teller Magazine staff as a page editor since the fall 2018 semester. She is also currently the managing editor of The New Paltz Oracle and an intern at The Legislative Gazette in Albany.

Ariana Jimenez-

Adventure Section Editor

The Teller has caught my attention from the moment I transferred to New Paltz in the Spring semester of 2019. To be able to be part of the executive board as the Adventure Section Editor as of Fall 2020, it has been such an awesome experience. 


The Teller really encourages you to push yourself out of your comfort zone whether you're a contributor or a board member, and that character trait is something that I really enjoy about the magazine. It's a safe haven for first-time contributors, and it's a learning experience for me as well!


It really is an honor to be working with such outstanding and creative individuals!

Alyssa Albano -

Art and Literature Editor

 This is my first year as an e-board member, but I've been a contributor and a fan of The Teller since my freshman year! I'm currently a junior studying Adolescent English Education and I'm from Yonkers, NY. 


I decided to take part in this magazine because I love writing and I believe that The Teller showcases all the amazing talent we have on campus. It serves as a wonderful platform for every student to participate in! I'm so excited to work alongside other students who share the same passion for New Paltz as I do. 

Lindsay Kranitz -

the Fashion and Beauty Section Editor

The Teller has given me an outlet to write about anything I want. It is an awesome creative outlet. Everyone involved with the teller whether it be E-Board or contributors, inspire me every day. 

Lindsay Kranitz -

Fashion and Beauty

Mia Paquin-Reed  -

Food Section Editor

I first discovered The Teller last fall and was captivated by how the magazine gives students the chance to use their voices on essentially any topic. I think The Teller is a powerful tool for students to share their experiences, passions, and interests, which can be an empowering and informative experience. 


After contributing over the course of my freshman year, I am now excited to fill the role of Food Section Editor. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow students this semester!

Emily Trama-

Health and Wellness Section Editor

I have been working with and writing for the Teller for the past year and have absolutely loved every moment. I am a very creative person and this magazine has given me an outlet to share work that would not otherwise be seen by anyone other than myself.


I am growing with the Teller and am so excited to see where we go and who will join our journey along the way!

Morgan Hughes -

Home Section Editor

I’ve been contributing to The Teller since Fall 2018 but I didn’t join the E-board until Spring 2020! Prior to my position as a Home section editor, I’ve been on The Teller’s social media team as Facebook Content Manager!


I’m so excited to be working with this magazine again this semester and seeing everyone’s amazing work on each issue. I’m so proud of what everyone brings to this publication, I’ve loved following it grow from the beginning and hope to see it flourish for years to come!