Meet The Teller Team

Emma Zwickel -Managing Editor 

I am a sophomore, an English Creative Writing Major and have been writing for The Teller ever since I began my college career at SUNY New Paltz. My aspirations include reading and writing with a particular interest in poetry and prose!


The Teller is a very special place where creativity transcends into published literature. I am delighted to be working with so many talented and dedicated individuals and looking forward to working hand in hand with our editor in chief this year!

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Kerri Kolensky -
Social Media Manager

​​My name is Kerri and I am one of the social media managers!


I am a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in creative writing. My favorite part about The Teller is how it gives people on campus an opportunity to express their creativity and share it with others.


We always get fantastic submissions! I’m looking forward to creating more beautiful issues this semester!


Kirstin Phillips -

Head of Design 

I've been involved with The Teller since my freshman year. I contributed here and there and then joined the design team for my sophomore year, and now I'm the head of design! 


I love The Teller, as it really showcases the creativity of everyone who contributes, especially with the themes. Flipping through the magazine on the first of every month is an awesome feeling, just seeing everyone's hard work!


I'm so honored to work with an incredible eboard as well as the spectacular design team!

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Kaitlyn Giunta -
Marketing manager

I always heard wonderful things about the Teller. I truly admired how much love and collaboration and work is put into this magazine. It is an inspiring place to be, and that is why I wanted to be a part of it.

This is my first semester with the Teller, and I am so grateful and happy to be a part of it and I cannot wait to see what else we can create!


Diana Chau Hu -
Creative Director 

I was excited to find a creative outlet like The Teller Magazine on our campus! With every issue there is always a new topic to explore and a great variety of content to read and enjoy.


I’m a senior studying Graphic Design. I saw in The Teller an opportunity to use my creative and design skills to contribute to the magazine and collaborate with other students. Looking forward to starting working on our new issues!


Adetiloro Ibitoye -
Adventure Section Editor

I'm a political science major who loves to read and write. I joined the Teller this year to take part in showing the passionate and creative voices at SUNY New Paltz.


I hope to help more students bring their creativity to the Teller Magazine!

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Madelyn Crews -
Art and Literature Editor

My name's Madelyn Crews and I am the Head Literature and Arts Editor.


I'm a Senior majoring in English & Creative Writing, with minors for Linguistics and Deaf Studies. I'm a poet at heart who's pleased to read each piece that passes across  the page.


I'm deeply honored and gratified to have had such wonderful experiences working with The Teller and our creative community!


Mia Paquin-Reed  -

Food Section Editor

I first discovered The Teller last fall and was captivated by how the magazine gives students the chance to use their voices on essentially any topic. I think The Teller is a powerful tool for students to share their experiences, passions, and interests, which can be an empowering and informative experience. 


After contributing over the course of my freshman year, I am now excited to fill the role of Food Section Editor. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow students this semester!


Ashlie Morrison -
Home Section Editor

I'm a junior journalism and theatre double-major. This is my first time being involved with The Teller and I am so excited to get started.


I love to write and sew and take photos. My favorite part about The Teller is seeing the talent of New Paltz students being showcased.

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Bernie Kilkelly -
Twitter Manager 

Hello! I’m Bernie, and I’m very excited to be the Twitter manager for the Teller this year!


Outside of being a part of this wonderful magazine, I’m a Digital Media Programming and Management major, and I love playing video games and doing arts and crafts. 


Emma Warner -
Website Manager

Hi! I am a senior majoring in Graphic Design, I have been apart off the teller for over a year now. I first started helping out the design team with the magazine my junior year.


I am glad to be apart of the Teller it’s a great creative outlet to have and the issues are always stunning. I currently am running the teller website and loving it!