Letter From the Editor

December readers,


By now, decorations are up on most of the houses in my suburban neighborhood. The lights warm my gaze as I drive down the nearby streets after dark, stirring in me a hazy nostalgia for holiday seasons past. I walk by panettone on my way to the checkout aisle at the local Italian supermarket, with Dean Martin’s “Silver Bells” playing softly on the store radio. Stepping outside, I suddenly feel much younger, revitalized by the smell of cold air.


I think back to the first time I was in the town of New Paltz, long before I knew I would attend college there. It was December and my family had rented a barn to stay in for two nights. During the days, we would explore the trails in the Mohonk Preserve, bundled tightly in our winter clothes. As we trekked, our footsteps imprinted the snowy ground in satisfying crunches, the sky above us as white as the trail below. It was magnificent and quiet. We returned to the barn to watch noir movies and put together a thousand-piece puzzle of Yoda.


Today I attend college at New Paltz, but instead of taking classes from its inviting campus, I take them from my laptop in my living room. Still, there is magic here. As soon as I close the screen and step outside, I can summon the memories of hiking in that beloved town when I close my eyes. And when I open them, I am greeted with the glowing houses of my familiar, lovely neighborhood. I could be a little kid again, I swear.


Happy holidays to all,


Taylor Dinardo


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