Letter From the Editor

Hello readers,


I have always loved the month of December. It has always given me a sense of peace and restoration. However, I could not really decipher my fascination with the last month of the year with a more profound understanding. I wondered if its significance in my life had more meaning to it. These last few weeks, I could not help but wonder and go deeper within myself to look for answers. After all, looking within yourself with an intention to find meaning and to integrate the awareness of self is the process of reflection in its organic form.


The more I reflected on my fondness for December; I began to uncover its associations in my life. It made me understand the concepts of “endings” and “completion.” I also became aware of the ideas of rediscovery, transformation, and new beginnings. It is crucial to understand that we must give meaning to the endings of every chapter of our life. It can only be done through mindful reflection and integration to reach self-awareness in its pure form.


Everything in existence goes through a cycle, and the completion or ending of the cycle happens at the same point where it started. In other words, an ending and a beginning meet at the same spot. For instance, we come to this world with a single breath and leave this world with a single breath as well. The process of ending something is so important because it helps to finish a perspective and begin a novel for all beings. The more we reflect on each stage of the cycle of our life, the more meaningful our cycle becomes. Going through the process without understanding ourselves and our purpose is merely surviving and farther from living.


The month of December is the perfect time of the year to evaluate your experiences and yourself without judgments or criticism. The best tool for reflection and self-awareness is our relationships. They wake you up. It's like when you're in a relationship, you get to see a complete mirror of yourself, a mirror of what's suppressed within you most of all. When we're young, we're essentially taught that there are aspects of us that are acceptable and aspects of us that are unacceptable. Therefore, reflection must always be done with unconditional love for the self and with an intention to forgive all “unacceptable” parts of you that protected you from pain by behaviors you think are bad in your current life. 


Please remember that those undesirable behaviors that you criticize yourself for are learned behaviors or coping mechanisms that helped you survive in the past. They might not be helpful to you now, but they protected you from pain when you were a child. The best way to honor them instead of hating them is to have a dialogue with them to let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Sit with that feeling with unconditional love for all the parts of you that you had disliked to integrate and transform them with kindness and empathy. In the end, self-reflection is another name for self-love with no judgments.


With warm holiday wishes and new beginnings,