Letter From the Editor

March readers,


Rounding the one-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, last March seems like a fever dream. We began the month attending our classes on campus, studying with friends in close-knit groups at the library, eating out and strolling store isles without thinking twice about the surfaces we were touching. In just a few short weeks, terms like “social distancing” and “lockdown” were added to our lexicons. “Quarantine,” which I had always associated with zombie apocalypse and sci-fi movies, suddenly became a very real phenomenon. It was a global takeover to which many of us felt lost, fearful and powerless. 


In many ways we are still in the thick of the darkness, unsure when “normal” will be, or if that’s a word that will ever possess the same meaning it had before. We’ve tried to simulate normal in million ways, celebrated holidays and weddings on Zoom and spent exorbitant sums of money ordering food in from our favorite restaurants. Having recently been in quarantine myself, I spent my third Valentine’s day with my partner watching Lost synchronously from our respective homes while treating each other to UberEats. In spite of the less-than-ideal circumstances, it was a lovely night— and normal in all the ways that counted.


One year into the pandemic, I have stopped waiting for the comeback of the life I had known before; I only hope to return to a daily existence with less fear and uncertainty. In the meantime, I can only continue to do what we have all been doing: preserving the aspects of everyday life we cherish the most. 


With love,

Taylor Dinardo