2020 New York Fashion Week: Trending Now

By Nadine Cafaro

Fashion: A word easily comprehensible, but broadened into revolutionary trends followed by wide arrays of people. From turtlenecks to platform boots, fashion is changing at a rapid pace—and New York Fashion Week is a key place to watch it transform.

Marc Jacobs/Gloves (shutterstock)

For New York Fashion Week this year, the idea of transformative trends is prominent. One trend this year was worn on the hands of models and was an accessory that added incredible dimension to the outfits. Any guesses? If you guessed sleek gloves, you were right. This trend was seen utilized by designer Marc Jacobs, who had some of his models wear petite dresses with fitted gloves of all different lengths and colors. This is nothing new to history; women used to wear chic gloves as accessories back in the 1800’s. Nonetheless, they have made a comeback on the runway in the best way possible. Pair them with a fitted gown or a two-piece set and see how sophisticated you feel.

Laquan Smith/Spaghetti Straps (getty images)

Another trend seen this year was a business casual piece that normally hits right at the hip, but now reaches the belly button and is met by high waisted slacks. Cropped Blazers were seen all over New York Fashion Week; specifically by a smaller designer named Christopher John Rogers. Vibrant colors and pieces are what Rogers is known for; this year he followed suit and presented a bright purple cropped blazer and pants set. The shoulders are padded, almost making a small blazer look oversized. A deep v-neck with a patterned turtleneck underneath the blazers is also a component of this eccentric trend that has graced the runways.

Lastly, a trend popular in the 2000’s has made an interesting comeback. Thin straps that rest on the indents of your shoulders were everywhere at New York Fashion Week. Spaghetti straps, famously used on popular undershirts—camisoles, were seen with these tiny necklines. Luxury Fashion Designer Laquan Smith created a classic fitted dress that reached the models upper thigh. Simple black spaghetti straps rested at the top, creating a more simplistic and manageable look. Funny enough, this model was also wearing gloves, another key trend at this year’s fashion week.

Trends continuously make statements at New York Fashion Week, but sometimes they also intertwine, combining elegance with fun and allowing for major expression.

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