3 Tips to Retrain Your Brain For Spring

by Kirstin Phillips

With the seasons changing and the warm weather finally here to stay, it’s also time to to change your mindset! It’s easy to begin thinking negative and it can quickly become a habit. But these tips can help put you on the right path to thinking more positively! Dust off all the old cobwebs in the corners of your mind and start fresh with a positive outlook this spring.

Keep yourself busy. With all the nice weather, take time to be outside and do some activities that you love! When it’s colder, it becomes harder to get motivation to do anything, which can lead to negative thoughts about work and school. But with beautiful weather, you can take the activities that you love outside, making it all the more enjoyable. Keeping busy entertains your mind and distracts it from any negative thoughts that could be lingering.

Recognize harmful thoughts. This one is becoming more and more common with the rise of self-deprecating humor. But just saying something like that can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and mental health. It becomes a bad habit and one that’s hard to break. For the first step, take the time to notice when a thought is self-deprecating. Even just by recognizing these, it can help you start to turn them around.

Don’t let your feelings control you. I know it sounds a lot easier than it actually is. But this is a little trick that I was taught and it has helped me greatly. Picture your mind as a beautiful open green forest, with lots of light shining through. The greens are vibrant and the blooming flowers smell amazing. It’s tempting to picture your feelings as the weather here, which can drastically change the forest. Instead I want you to think of your feelings as birds. They flutter in, cause a bit of a stir, require some attention, and then they’re back out, flying on their way. When dealing with your feelings, positive or negative, treat them like birds. Give them some attention but don’t let them completely overtake you, like a flood can completely wipe out a forest. This way, your feelings can have less of a impact on you, mentally and it can be easier to move onto the next thing.

These tips may not seem like a big change at first, but over time they can have a great effect on your mental wellbeing. If they don’t particularly work for you, you can always look a little further for tips. One book that really helped me is “The Art of the Good Life: 52 Surprising Shortcuts to Happiness, Wealth, and Success,” by Rolf Dobelli. Hopefully, you can try out some of these tips and prepare to have a much more positive spring!


A version of this post originally appeared in “Clarity” The Teller May 2019 Issue 6

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