7 Tips for Moving Out

by Judy Anne Capiral

1) Separate the ‘junk.’

– It can be easy to keep the things that seem important in the moment, but after they have been sitting there for two or more weeks, you have to ask yourself: is this worth keeping or is it just junk? Don’t keep what you can live without— and this goes for both living at school and at home!

– As students, we may be accumulating old notebooks or folders that don’t really have a purpose in the future. It’s time to declutter and get rid of it!

2) Take down the decor!

– Small things like fake plants or string lights aren’t going to be necessary nor useful in these last few weeks while you’re in the final stretch of the semester. Time to pack them away!

– Tip for posters: lay them all down stacked on top of one another, and roll them up all together to save space when you put them away. Don’t store them in suit cases otherwise they might get folded up and ruined!

3) Pack half your wardrobe.

– If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be wearing the same few outfits in these last few weeks, so it’s not necessary to keep all of them out! Bust out the suitcase and start packing up the clothes you surely won’t be wearing.

– Also, if you still have winter jackets hanging up in your closet…what are you doing?

– This goes for shoes, too. The shoes you never normally wear— toss them in a suitcase (neatly)!

4) Keep your necessities in reach

– Store food in a box or all together in one place.

– Keep bath supplies congregated in a corner or on a shelf in the bathroom.

– Put books and supplies on or in your desk!

– By having all the necessary items within reach and altogether, it makes it easier to pack all of them up on the absolute last day you need them.

5) For the sentimental…

– If you have the propensity for hoarding momentos, restrain yourself from putting all of it in a single shoe box. If you allow yourself to pile up on things that may seem memorable to you in the moment, you’ll end up leaving with 10 shoe boxes.

6) Do your laundry!

– As tempting as the possible opportunity for your parents to do your laundry when you get home, we have laundry rooms on campus for a reason! Adulting is hard, but laundry isn’t the hardest part of it! Plus, clean clothes are easier to fold and pack neatly than folding dirty laundry.

7) Lastly, consider a storage unit.

– Traveling with everything you have all the way back home, just to bring it all back again in four months seem useless. But getting a storage unit near campus will allow you to leave that stuff in town and make for a less stressful move back. Unless you’re graduating, which in that case…congrats!


A version of this post originally appeared in “Clarity” The Teller May 2019 Issue 6

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