By: Cassie Lee

January swore on conventional uniformity

along with a light sprinkle of hope

February dared to step into the spotlight

with ephemeral quarters and piquant adventures

but March easily stole the crown

uncertainty displaced chaos nonchalantly

April was left to pick up simulated fragments

accepting the novelty of current “reality”

the books slowly came to a transient close

while a small fire sparked within May

a golden empire waited on the other side

freedom zealously sang June’s name

prosperity slithered seamlessly into July

intertwined, a new high came to light

shadows arose in the awakening of light

August desperately marked change as its territory

motivation plunged deep within the shadows

a midsummer night’s dream rattled young September

igniting a fire so sickeningly sweet

just to be extinguished faster than a lover’s complaint

despair eagerly sunk its talons into October

November failing to rise once more

ambiguity was swallowed bitterly by December

only a glint of hope remained as dessert

2021 soon emerged to claim the throne

leaving the saccharine past to bite the dust

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