By: Alessia Bove

When I was a young girl,

I was told not to play in the rain

Playing in the rain is dangerous,

You could slip

You could catch a cold

Playing in the rain is messy,

The ground becomes mud

Your hair will smell like rain

I would watch the rain hit my window

Looking up at the sky,

The large grey clouds dominated

I could not see the sun’s light

Sometimes thunder and lightning would accompany the rain

Making me run into my parent’s bedroom in fear

I yearned for protection from the outdoors

Until one day,

I was strolling through my neighborhood when it hit

The grey clouds gathered above me,

Covering the vibrant sun

The rain started to pour, thunder boomed, and lightning lit up the sky

Fear did not consume me,

I did not run away


I danced in the rain

The water cleansed my body

Leaving me drenched in ecstacy

The large grey clouds went away

Flowers began to grow

Luminosity from the sun returned

And a rainbow shot across the sky,

But I wished the rain could have stayed forever.


A version of this post originally appeared in “Clarity” The Teller May 2019 Issue 6

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