A Bedtime Meditation

by Emily Trama

Relaxation Recommendation: Record yourself (or a friend with a calming voice) reading this so you can play it back before you go to sleep

Sometimes it feels impossible to get our brain to quiet down at the end of the day. Our bodies are tired and our energy is drained, yet our minds are not yet ready to quit. Sometimes, it is best to deal with our thoughts in the moment whether it be by writing them down or talking to a friend. However, there are nights where it is more than okay to ignore all of your worries and excitements and empty your mind of all thoughts. On these nights, we lay down, close our eyes and listen to our breath…

You are laying on the beach, your body heavy in the soft sand. The waves climb the shore with every inhale and retreat with every exhale. The sound of their crashing is distant and blurred. The sun shines and blankets your body; you sink a bit further into the sand. Your face is the first to feel the warmth of the sun, bringing a smile across your lips.

Its heat then moves down to your chest, wrapping your heart in a comforting embrace. The warmth spreads to your shoulders, causing you to release any tension you may be holding within. Your arms, hands and fingers feel separate from your body as the sun shines on them. Your stomach rises and falls slowly as the sun moves over your abdomen, traveling down to your legs, feet and toes that you no longer feel. Another smile comes across your face.

The sun begins to set. The sky is glowing with soft blues, pinks and golds. As it grows darker, the tide flows slower and your breath becomes lighter. The sound of the waves crashing seems much more distant and faint now. The sky blurs and your eyelids grow heavy. Just as the sun falls behind the horizon, your eyelids fall to a soft close.


A version of this originally appeared in “Comfort” The Teller November 2019 Issue #8

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