A Senior’s Bucket List: 16 Things to do Before Graduation

by Annemarie Durkin

As graduation day is rapidly approaching, the pressure to make my time in New Paltz count is intensifying. Three years spent making memories here and still so much I want to accomplish.

Here are 16 Things I want to do before myself and my best friends graduate in the spring (with room to add more).

  1. Hike the Lemon Squeeze

  2. Four Loko night-in

  3. Eat in Has – For old times’ sake

  4. Night swim at Tillson Lake

  5. Ride the bull at Joe’s East West

  6. Visit our freshman dorms

  7. Winery tour

  8. Try as many New Paltz restaurants as possible

  9. Watch the sunset at the Lookout

  10. Walkway Over the Hudson

  11. Drinking Week! – Go to a different bar each night

  12. Crash a freshman party

  13. Go to the local strip club–Blue Moon Cabaret

  14. Host an open party

  15. Do something freshman-year me would be proud of


A version of this post originally appeared in “Tenacity” The Teller October 2019 Issue #7

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