A Superlatives-Based Gift Guide

By: Taylor Dinardo

I know, I know, it’s only November first, which is still kinda early for holiday shopping. Hear me out though— it’s really not a bad idea to knock some present-shopping out of the way ahead of time, or at the very least map out what you want to shop for later on so you’re not walking through store isles or scrolling through Amazon aimlessly when the time comes.

I’ve made a list of some generic fashion-related gifts for different types of people in your life to give you some inspiration in case you’re stuck. Each of these options have fairly wide price ranges on their own, so depending on how much you’re planning on spending, you can adjust accordingly. I’ve also done my best to include items that don’t require a very specific size-estimate in case you’re not sure of your gift recipient’s measurements.

These gifts are all lovely on their own, however they also function great paired with other non-fashion items as a part of a larger gift. I will include suggestions for gift pairings just in case!

1) The Academic

This individual cares deeply for their studies and would likely appreciate any items that will help them carry forth their work comfortably. A pair of blue light filtering glasses can be a fashionable and functional gift to relieve their eyes of strain while incorporating some flair. They are available in a wide array of styles and are offered by high-end and low-end brands alike! A scarf is another great functional fashion accessory for long library study sessions; I recommend the kind that can double as a blanket! Finally, a trendy canvas bag is a foolproof gift idea. You can find these in virtually every design (or even custom make your own with a photo) so you can tailor it to the recipient. Some flawless gift pairing include pencil pouches, notebooks, and a lovely-smelling candle to set the ambience while studying!

2) The Athlete

This person always strives to better their workouts and would surely love a gift that supports them in that endeavor! If they’re a runner, I highly suggest illuminating safety gear— it may not be fashionable, but light-up accessories are extremely important for runners to remain visible to cars, especially as it gets dark out earlier. Compression clothes are also a great option regardless of what the recipient’s activity of choice is: you can find great compression shorts, shirts, pants and socks from companies like Under Armour and Nike, and more inexpensive options at stores like Old Navy. Any clothing with sweat-wicking material is bound to be greatly appreciated! Awesome gift pairings for athletic-themed gifts include yoga mats, water bottles, sneakers, foam rollers and gym bags! You can also get more specific based on the preferred sport or workout method of the gift recipient.

3) The Fan

They have a major soft spot for a particular book, movie, anime or television series, or maybe they’re a hard core fan of a certain sports team, video game, artist or celebrity. The dedicated fan in your life would be touched at your thoughtfulness in giving them a gift that is so closely tied to their interests. Fortunately for you, fan paraphernalia comes in many different forms, from t-shirts and face masks to beanies and backpacks— so, you have a lot of options. BoxLunch.com is a popular website that sells merch for a wide variety of fandoms. They offer an enormous array of gift types for each franchise, even themed ugly Christmas! The sports fan in your life would certainly adore their favorite player’s jersey and perhaps a car window sticker to go along with it! Other delightful pairings for fan gifts include artwork themed around their favorite franchise (if you’re on a budget, you can make this yourself— plus, the homemade touch is very special) as well as posters, phone cases or keychains.

4) The Homebody

This is my favorite kind of person to shop for because there are so many stylish options, often at a very affordable price! Any clothing or accessories that can help them relax and stay cozy during the cold months from home would be perfect for this person. Pajamas are an obvious option (bonus points for matching sets!). Speaking of matching sets, matching sweatpants and sweatshirts has been a trend any person who values comfort would surely embrace. Bathrobes, slippers and cabin socks are also foolproof options and pair beautifully with mugs, hot cocoa mix, tea kettles and blankets. Other self care-related items such as face masks, body care and beauty-related products would work well here, too! I recommend gathering these items in a woven basket with some tissue paper for a stunning presentation.

5) The Professional

They feel more comfortable in business casual than anything else. Stylish and to-the-point, this individual would be glad to receive a gift that is as sharp as they are. A wristwatch is a great option for a standout gift. There are plenty of options for kinds of watches, from analog to digital to smart watches, all of varying price ranges and styles. A messenger bag is also a smart-looking option for a bag as many of them feature a laptop compartment (I am particularly a fan of the “Sandford Messenger” from Herschel as a stylish mid-range option). Blazers, dress shirts and ties will help to support their neat wardrobe and pair well with other gifts such as fountain pens, pad-folios and headphones.

Of course, these five “types” of people by no means encompasses everyone, but I hope that you were able to draw some inspiration from this list, or at the very least that it got you a bit excited for the holiday time. No matter how much you spend, your recipient should be touched by your thinking of them. Remember, the home-made route is always an option and often end up being some of the most meaningful gifts in the long-run. When all is said and done, stuff is just that: stuff. Loving, thoughtful gestures that show you pay attention, however, goes a bit deeper.

Good luck!

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