A Tale of Two Cities

by Nicole Gatto

When I studied abroad, I felt that there were two separate worlds in which I could choose to experience my host city. The first was the world of other Americans studying abroad. A world that was like a safe bubble filled with people who had similar, usually privileged experiences living in America. Then, there was the world of everyone else existing in my host city; people who lived there their whole lives.

People who weren’t necessarily frolicking around a foreign country in the same way that I was. There were often culture and language barriers between myself and the locals. However, the more that I made an effort to make connections with locals and step out of my comfort zone, the bigger the reward. I learned that going with your gut, taking a risk every now and again, and being open to new experiences can really pay off.

The best part of my study abroad experience was that I learned that adventure doesn’t have to mean taking a trip overseas; challenging yourself and meeting new people is its own adventure.

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