Being comfortable with your own body

by Lindsay Kranitz

Being comfortable with your own body goes way beyond what your body physically looks like. Let’s discuss S.M.A.R.T goals for a second. This stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals. This is a business technique for planning and decision making. These goals are what we should be thinking about on a day to day basis. Goals are what guide us to become our best selves and help us live intentionally. 

When people ask me what my goal is, I always hesitate. We often set a goal that is temporary or, for lack of a better word, easy to accomplish. I hear people claiming their goal is to lose ten pounds. What a great goal, honestly. But to me, there is more to that than they are willing to admit. The reason I hesitate explaining my goal is because it is deep and meaningful.

Don’t get me wrong, losing ten pounds is hard to accomplish, especially eating dining hall food. But what comes next? Yes, make another goal! But what if we can create a goal that can be there through every step of the way. What if losing ten pounds is just a step to attain the long-term goal of being overall happy in all aspects of life. And for the sake of this article, happy with all aspects of your body.

The universe, your parents, the creator of everything, whatever you believe you were made by, created you as an individual. You are unique. We are unique. There is no other “you.” Let’s accept that. Goals can be made to lose weight or tone up but eventually, your body is made different than everyone else’s. Your goal should be more grand. You are hearing this from a college swimmer who burns at least 2,000 calories a day. A while back, there was a body type I wanted to achieve, and all the working out and eating right in the world did not make me look like that girl I wanted to look like.

Do you want to know why? It is because I was made different than her! You were made different than the girl/guy you want to look like too! This is where the goal of being genuinely happy in all aspects of life comes in. That long term goal is the top of the stairs. There are steps, or baby goals, along the way. Those goals are supposed to help you accept what your body looks like for what it is. 

If you look in the mirror every morning and do not like what you see, but you have done everything to make yourself feel better physically, then it is time for the mental part. If you eat right and are active throughout the day, but you still are not comfortable in your own skin…then you need to sit down and really think about yourself.

You need to create goals that will restrict you from comparisons to others because that is what we all know and unfortunately love to do. It’s true. We go on Instagram and we compare our bikini bodies to the girl who just got a boob job. Let’s not do that anymore. Let’s unfollow that girl.

Like I explained before, we were all created as individuals. Why hate on what we were made to have? If you are doing everything right, why not just accept that your legs will not be as long as Kendall Jenner’s and your lips won’t be as big as whatever model just got lip injections. Being unique is what makes you a beautiful human. I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to be as tall as Kendall Jenner because I am sure she gets insecure about it.

That is another point that is important to reiterate. One thing you believe is a flaw on yourself is definitely what someone else wants for themselves. We wanted longer legs…Kendall Jenner, I am sure, wants shorter legs. It becomes a circle of comparing and hating that is hard to come out of sometimes, but once you’re out, it feels so much better. 

Goals should be made intentionally, so that you live intentionally. The goal to be one hundred percent happy with your body is a long term goal that is attainable one day. Doing the little things to make yourself a healthier, happier person mentally and physically will ultimately step you towards the direction of your goal. Goals are important in order to stay on track, the track to being confident within your own unique, beautiful body.

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