By: Cassandra Lee

the galaxy swirling within your green iris

occasionally flickering sapphire flame

reminiscent of a galaxy just you and me

our spirits intertwined swelling with desire

liberated from distance, temptation, him

one glimpse of your amorous emerald eyes

deep into the beautiful abyss i fall


no abyss is beautiful.

plummeting at a rate

destined to be caught by you


a mysterious allure tapped your shoulder

you turned

i crashed

not before witnessing

your lips ghosting his

viridescent eyes glowing with greed

the image seared into my mind

betrayal tenderly piercing my heart

he locked your innocence in a box

worst of all, the suggestion was


lust, exhilaration, simplicity lured you to him

distance, fear, love repelled you from me

love never had the charisma of simplicity.

barely affording a train ticket to see you

simplicity was slightly too expensive for me

hazel eyes which once held so much adoration

now were filled to the brim with pity

elegantly leaving with him, fingers interlaced

ripping my heart out with your free hand

you never loved me

or maybe you did

but it wasn’t enough

to leave him for me

the irony of it all

simplicity never defined you.

stormy green eyes reflected passion, complexity, hope

unable to tear my gaze, constantly mesmerized

blinding me from reality

the reality that you loved him

how could you throw a diamond away for a rock

i wasn’t the only one who was blind

never again will green eyes enrapture my soul

comfort, stability, authenticity matter more

i prefer brown eyes now.


A version of this originally appeared in “Healing” The Teller December 2019 Issue #9

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