Creating a Focus Space

by Judy Anne Capiral

Now that we’re in the home stretch of the end of this semester, it may be difficult to find clarity and focus when you’re thinking about the beach, your summer job or maybe just going back home. It’s perfectly okay to think about these things, so long as you don’t lose your focus now. We’re in the home stretch, and we don’t want to lose our momentum now. Finding a space in your home where you can focus and gear into those final assignments and projects is key. Here are a couple of tips to create your perfect and practical focus space!

  1. Study at the Desk! Sleep in the Bed!

  2. I know too many people who do homework and study from the comfort of their bed. Though tempting, one of two things can happen. One, once your body hits the bed, you naturally feel more tired and are more likely to lose focus and/or fall asleep! Or two, when you try to get some shut-eye the night before a final, you might not be able to sleep because your bed is where you’re used to being alert and focused. So make the change. There’s one place for studying, and another separate place for sleeping (and no, you can’t sleep on top of your desk).

  3. Clear your Desk!

  4. Right now, your desk might be looking a bit of a wreck. Those final assignment guidelines, textbooks, and homework snacks may be taking up too much unnecessary space. This may make your desk look unappealing, forcing you to do homework and study on your bed or couch. But the desk is there for a reason! Utilize what you have and make it a place for ultimate focus and clarity.

  5. Start by decluttering completely. Remove all of what’s on your desk at that moment and place it in a box or off to the side. Then disinfect. Yes, actually clean your desk. Something like lemon-scented disinfecting wipes or cleaning products produces a sense of clarity or clear-headedness – and no, not from the cleaning product fumes – to gear you into a more productive day.

  6. Put only the essentials on your desk! A pen holder, post-it notes, lamp, and maybe a coaster for coffee are all you need to do what you have to do.

  7. If you use your desk as a place to do your makeup or eat, put those products and items away in a drawer or under your desk where you can’t see them while studying. It will only distract you and remove you from the right headspace to do work.

  8. Goal Board!

  9. If you have a bulletin board (or a space above your desk to hang things), it can allow for a clearer understanding of the goals ahead of you. Like your desk, it should not be cluttered by decorative pieces – it should serve as a functional tool for finishing up the semester strong.

  10. Hanging up a calendar is the best way to start this. A simple calendar where you can clearly see the assignments ahead of you will be great in strategic planning and setting study times and dates.

  11. I recommend making lists that are simple and easy-to-read, especially if you’re running out the door and need a quick glance at your objectives for the week.

  12. You can also leave important reminders for yourself that you’ll be able to see everyday, so you’ll have no excuse not to do them!

Finding a clear head space during the final stretch of the school year can be one of the hardest things to achieve. Yet, clarity is the most important part of studying for exams and finishing up those final projects. Having a focus space to achieve these goals is the best way you can achieve this point of clarity.


A version of this post originally appeared in “Clarity” The Teller May 2019 Issue 6

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