DIY Mother’s Day Cards

by Morgan Hughes

Mother’s Day is on May 12 this year and what better way to show your love and appreciation than these fun and easy DIY cards made straight from the heart?



  1. Two pieces of construction paper (both different colors).

  2. Scissors.

  3. Gluestick.

  4. Sharpie or marker.

  5. 5 color photos (2”x3”) of you and your mother.


  1. Place one piece of paper on top of the other and fold.

  2. Unfold card, take the top piece of paper and refold.

  3. About 5 or 6 inches from the bottom of the paper, cut two horizontal lines about an inch in diameter along the folded edge.

  4. Unfold, there should now be a tab in the middle of your card that you can easily push out to create a pop-up.

  5. Glue down a picture of yourself and your mother to the pop-up tab. You can either glue the entire picture down or, you can just cut yourself and your mother from the picture and glue that down.

  6. Glue two pictures of yourself and your mother onto each side of the card.

  7. Draw a border around each photo. Make sure to leave about half an inch of space between the bottom of your photo and the bottom of your border in order to resemble a polaroid.

  8. In the blank space of each border, write down the date of when the picture was taken or any special message you’d like to say to your mom!

  9. Finally, glue the decorated, pop-up piece of paper inside of the other piece of paper and fold. The outside piece of paper will hide the folded-in tab of the other paper so the pop-up part will be a surprise!



  1. 1 piece of construction paper.

  2. 3-4 pieces of tissue paper of all different colors (one should be green).

  3. Scissors.

  4. Glue.


  1. Fold your piece of construction paper in half.

  2. From two different pieces of tissue paper (not the green tissue paper), tear off about 18-20 3”x 3” pieces.

  3. Take each 3”x 3” piece of tissue paper and roll each into a small ball.

  4. Tear two strips of green tissue paper about 1”x 6”, in size.

  5. Fold each strip in half vertically, then in half again horizontally.

  6. Twist your folded strips until they each resemble a stem.

  7. Glue these paper stems to the middle of the front of your card.

  8. Take each tissue paper ball of the same color and arrange them above each of your stems so that they resemble a flower. Glue them down.

  9. If you’ve opted to use a fourth piece of tissue paper, cut a long, thin strip, and arrange it over the stems of your flowers to look as if it is tying them together. Glue down.


A version of this post originally appeared in “Clarity” The Teller May 2019 Issue 6

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