By: Taylor Dinardo

On the phone, we decided

what kind of dog we would get—

a samoyed,

the dog with all the optimal traits:

friendly and good-natured,

gentle around children,

excellent watchdogs—

and the doggy would live with us

in our house,

a white ranch with a beautiful yard

somewhere on the Island.

And we would get a cat, too—

one of those Siberians.

They’re friendly,


and sensationally puffy.

Our cat would accompany us

during our indoor hours,

and the dog would come along

for our hikes and excursions.

Pets to suit both our introverted

and extroverted needs.

And it’s on days like these,

when I miss you so much that

I can’t think about anything else,

I continue dream about

what we might name those pets,

how we should furnish that house,

which town we could live in.

Then late at night,

when we talk on the phone,

I tell you all about it,

and we continue our dream



A version of this originally appeared in “Comfort” The Teller November 2019 Issue #8

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