Dreamy Lobes

by Sophie Herrmann

I never used to wear dangly earrings because they were such a statement. When you are younger it seems like a big deal to put on a pair because you can feel them dangle around your head. The earrings you wear for the day say a lot about your outfit and to me, it is a major part of my mood. So, finding the right pair can be challenging sometimes.

I started Dreamy Lobes out of necessity for that perfect pair of dangle earrings for whatever mood I’m in, or want to be in. Each pair is handmade using clay and chalk pastel and no two pairs are identical! I try not to directly duplicate other earring designs that I’ve seen because the beautiful process of individual expression can take place when you create something that is a combination of your unique experiences.

Lately, I have been looking to Henri Matises’ work with cut-out shapes in solid bright colors and Marc Chagall’s dreamy scenes in blue for inspiration. Hair clips and pins have also entered the mix at Dreamy Lobes so take comfort in more than just that perfect pair of earrings! I want to encourage others to embrace their power of self expression– go forth, create and check me out on instagram!  

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Are you ready for Fall Fest because Dreamy Lobes is ! Come by from 12-5 in the Parker Quad

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A version of this originally appeared in “Comfort” The Teller November 2019 Issue #8

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