Enemies, foreign and domestic

By: Emily Fego


What motivates you

To get out of bed

And raise your flag without fear of retribution?

To march with a torch gripped in white knuckles,

To tear through linked arms,

To decorate your clothing with two eights,

Belching hate disguised as activism.

You, sir, with your lips

Glazed in a layer of cheap whiskey

Coiled as if only to

Block the excrement from seeping

Through your yellowed teeth.

You, sir, always wear your hood

Even when it is not draped over your head

To conceal your face.

You, sir, denounce diversity,

Deem equality as mere myth,

And fragmentation as inevitable.

You, sir, when given the choice between

Redistribution or genocide —

You, sir, when given the choice between

Love and hate —

You are no sir, no American, no patriot —

In fact, you are no man at all.

We ask you to remove your hood,

Lower your flag

And stay in bed.




A version of this post originally appeared in “Tenacity” The Teller October 2019 Issue #7

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