Home is Home is Home

by Shyana Fisher

Now healing during the holiday season may seem like it belongs in the “Health and Wellness” section, but I can tell you with all certainty that it belongs at home, because I will only heal if I am surrounded by the people and places that I love. That, and I’m the home section editor so obviously, I’m going to choose my section. 

The holidays have always felt so refreshing to me. That magical feeling of a warm fireplace and Christmas cookies baking in the kitchen, with friends and family coming and going from the house. Snow glistening on the ground as flurries and snowflakes rest on my coat before disappearing into nothing. It’s just a season of giving back and kindness, and it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside, which is something that’s much needed after a long semester of stress and piles of work. 

College is non-stop action. From the day we start in August, to the very last day of finals, it feels like I am in some alternate time dimension where every waking moment is taken over by some amount of stress or pressure to succeed. I know that a lot of the pressure is self-made, and that no one expects me to perform at the level I expect from myself, but somehow that doesn’t help much when I’m on my third mental breakdown of the week and sobbing on the bathroom floor. 

Home helps. When the world is crashing down around me in college, the only thing getting me through some days is that the holiday season is near. One day soon I will be sitting at home, methodically wrapping gifts and placing them under the tree. I will take pictures of the snow because I want to, not because my professor has asked me to. 

Healing takes many forms, and recharging is one of them. It’s gotten to that point in the semester where everything feels overwhelming. The only light at the end of the tunnel is going home for the Christmas season. I know that not everyone believes in God, but I love going to Christmas Eve service and reminding myself what is really important: Him. 

Going home for the holidays is a special time for me because it allows me to get back in touch with who I am outside of college. It reminds me that I have time for hobbies, and I have such an amazing support system of family and friends who love me unconditionally. The season is also a time for me to reflect on the year and of what has happened; how I have grown. 


A version of this originally appeared in “Healing” The Teller December 2019 Issue #9

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