How I Mindfully Pick an Outfit

By: Lindsay Kranitz

To be mindful is to acknowledge and fully accept the present moment for what it truly is. 2020 has taught me this loud and clear, and it is a lesson that I took and ran with. I practice mindfulness in everything I do. I am not a perfect “mindful guru,” but I am aware of how to be mindful, which is always the first step.

As a lover of all things fashion I’ve recently come up with a practice where I pick my outfits in the morning mindfully. This method came after a disastrous few months of frantically picking outfits in the morning that were uncomfortable and quite frankly not my style, but I chose them because they were “on trend” at the moment. However, I learned that in order to pick an outfit that you truly love you need to be mindful about it, and here is how to do that:

  1. Wake up early enough in the morning so that you give yourself enough time to get through all of these steps. Waking up 10 minutes before you have to run out the door will cause stress and uncomfortable clothing choices.

  2. Once you have woken up early get your morning rituals/chores done. Take your morning shower, brush your teeth, drink your coffee, etc. Get all of that out of the way so that you feel your best when completing the next couple of steps.

  3. Assess your closet. We have closets full of clothes and there are many options that we can choose from. Take a deep breath and look through your closet with the mindset of how you want to look that day. For example, I will look through my closet with the mentality of wanting to feel comfortable and pull things from my closet that make me feel comfortable.

  4. The technique of breathing is essential to being mindful. So, once you have pulled clothing items specific to how you want to look, try each of them on, but breathe through each transition of outfit variations. Take an even deeper breath when you have a full outfit on. It helps to ground yourself in the present moment, therefore, feeling the true feeling you feel in that outfit.

  5. Do not put pressure on yourself. If you are feeling uncomfortable in everything you just pulled, tell yourself it is okay. Put everything back, pull some more choices and repeat step four until you find something that makes you feel amazing.

  6. Once you have found your outfit look in the mirror. Take a couple of deep breaths and tell yourself some affirmations. You can either write them out and stick them to your mirror or say them out loud. Some affirmations can include, “I am in love with myself; I believe in myself and the decisions I make; I am proud of myself and everything I have accomplished.” These affirmations should ground you and should be extremely specific to you and your thoughts in the present moment. Do not forget to breathe.

  7. This step may sound silly but it definitely works to feel more comfortable in your skin and the beautiful outfit you just picked out for yourself. Step seven is to do a little dance or a pose that makes you feel confident. You can do it in the mirror or just in your room somewhere. If you live alone, put on some music and dance to a whole song. It makes everything feel less serious and more fun.

  8. At this point you should be getting ready to walk out the door to wherever life takes you that day. Do not forget to breathe through your day; if you stumble upon a wardrobe malfunction, or you find out you're underdressed for the weather, work, school, etc., just breathe through it and tell yourself that it is okay because you chose this outfit. You love it, and that is all that matters.

Do not forget that you dress for yourself, not for anyone else. If you feel confident and comfortable it'll show. That is why dressing mindfully is so important.

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