How Tik Tok Trends Make Their Way into the Kitchen

By: Tori Mano

I am somebody who’s always considered myself a foodie. I love exploring new restaurants and trying new foods. However, something I had failed to realize before I moved into my first apartment was that I really could not cook. Sure, I knew the basics: a grilled cheese, some sort of pasta dish, and if I was feeling fancy, some chicken. Instead of frantically calling my mom in a panic when I didn’t know what to do for dinner, I turned to my old reliable friend— the Internet. Quarantine has made me, like many, a homebody with eyes glued to their phone screen. Specifically, I find myself scrolling for hours on end on TikTok. Little did I know that downloading this one video-sharing app would allow me to become somewhat of an apprentice in the kitchen.

The videos of different recipes I have seen on TikTok, or “the food side of TikTok” as many users have dubbed it, have heavily contributed to the fact that I don’t UberEats McDonald’s to my apartment every night. However, the trends on TikTok fall out of style just as quickly as they become trendy. It makes me wonder, what is it that allows these recipes to become popular? The answer was honestly a lot simpler than I thought— convenience.

Scroll down your “For You” page for an hour and I’m sure you’ll see the same recipe a handful of times. The first time I experienced this phenomenon was in the very beginning of Quarantine, with “whipped coffee.” Whipped coffee, or Dalgona coffee, is a traditional Indian coffee drink made by whipping together instant coffee, milk, water and sugar— ingredients that many of us have lying ar

ound in our pantries. It was convenient for people to make a new and exciting drink with items they already had, and it took social media by storm. More recently, the pasta dish that “made Finland run out of feta cheese” has been blasted on various social media sites, all thanks to TikTok. The simplicity of placing some oil, tomatoes, and a block of feta cheese in a baking dish and stirring it with cooked pasta was something even the most novice of chefs could do!

I’m sure by the time this article is finalized, there will be another easy food sensation taking the world by storm. The beauty of social media is that it allows us to explore different talents and

hobbies. Simple and easy cooking is no exception. Honestly, without “food TikTok,” I’d be whipping up macaroni and cheese for dinner every night, so for that, I am forever grateful.


Dalgona “whipped” coffee.

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