How to Motivate Yourself for Online Classes

Well, another semester of school has begun; a semester like no other. Many of you are taking classes in unconventional ways. You are sitting at a screen, propped up against pillows on your bed, furiously trying to stay connected with the material. However, as the weeks go by it gets harder and harder to focus on the lessons – especially when you can just click the next tab and open Twitter. Or Facebook. Or Instagram… You get the point. Yes, it is the classic motivation problem. You may be one of the many wondering how to stay motivated when you are shut up in your dorm or your childhood bedroom trying to stay sane. Well, here are some tips on how to motivate yourself for online classes!

Set a schedule. When work time is unorganized in long stretches, it can seem overwhelming. When you are overwhelmed, you are more likely to distract yourself and not do your classwork. To fix this, set up a routine schedule and organize your time! You can do this on apps like Google Calendar. Set specific study times for your classes, and even outside activities like clubs. Break up work for long projects over several days to space out the work.Your ability to focus improves when you aren’t overwhelmed!

Create a separate workspace. Sitting in the same bed that you sleep in during your classes can alter your focus. Since you associate the bed with sleep, it can cause you to feel more fatigue and make your ability to focus quite challenging! Create a separate workspace where you can associate it with doing classes and class-related work as opposed to sitting up against your pillows. This may be at the desk in front of your dorm room bed or in a quiet, unused space in your house. Having a separate space to go to when doing classes helps keep your focus on online school.

Take breaks! No one expects you to sit at a screen for the entire day. You can still have fun while doing school. Take moments to stand up, stretch and breathe if you’ve hit the wall. Take a walk around your neighborhood or go grab food with friends (socially distanced, of course). Then, return to your work with a freshened mind and attitude!

Get help if you have trouble. You may tend to avoid classwork if you’re having trouble with it; doing this will cause it to pile up and become too much. Instead, schedule online tutoring with the CSS or schedule tutoring during office hours with your professors. It’s easier to go over what you don’t understand when you have a smaller, quieter environment. Once you understand the work, it will be easier to keep your mind on it!

Download plugins to keep you off social media during class time. Yes, the above advice is great and all, but what happens during the actual class when your attention span wanes? It is easy to just open another tab to social media but it would be harder to focus on class. Instead, just block your access to social media for that time! Extensions like StayFocusd (Google Chrome), WasteNoTime (Safari and Google Chrome), and Pause (Google Chrome) all utilize different methods to keep your screen usage in check. They are easy to download, easy to use, and helpful to keep your focus on the teacher!

With all these methods, you are bound to find that inner motivation and keep yourself going with online classes!

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