Letter From the Editor

Dear readers,

Ever since our executive board finalized the theme for the month of April, Fearlessness, I have been asking myself what it meant for me. After days of pondering, I got nothing. Further along my quest, I came to the realization that I was asking the wrong question all along. My subconscious self screamed at me, “look deeper.” After a lot of back and forth with the “self,” I finally got it. The question I should have been asking was, “what does FEAR mean to me!?”

Fear. It is something we all can relate to very well. No matter how strong and put together we display ourselves, it lingers in our breath, runs in our blood, and lives in our flesh. It is the predominant force driving our conscience, thoughts, decisions, and actions. My relationship with fear is, well, we can say, “it's complicated.” If fear and I had a baby, we would name it “avoidance.” Cute right! Lol.

I have a long history of avoiding distressing memories, thoughts, feelings about or closely associated with the traumatic events in my past. I am terrified to face them. I am fearful of the reminders that lead to those experiences. But you know what? That’s totally okay!!! The first step to facing your fears is acknowledgment. Acceptance of fear is empowering. It lays the foundation of compassion and unconditional love if you are genuinely willing to accept that you are scared. There is nothing wrong with feeling nervous, anxious, and worried. Being true to how you feel with unconditional love and acceptance is extremely healing.

Therefore, the answer to my original question to self is “fearlessness to me means accepting my fears unconditionally!” :)




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