Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

The spring season has always been a symbol of new beginnings for me. It brings not only warmth, bliss, and joy but also closure. The melting ice reveals what it has been shielding for a while but with a purpose. The smell of grass, landscapes of colors, and the songs of the birds all celebrate hope and prosperity. I could not help but wonder if spring itself is a season filled with metaphors waiting for discernment.

The theme for this issue, “Acceleration,” aligns so perfectly with the energy that spring brings with it. Acceleration doesn’t only emphasize action or physical movement but also focuses on mental and emotional aspects of “moving” or “taking action” with an intention. For me personally, awareness and transformation are the key elements that make me accelerate. Questioning the self has helped me a lot with moving on and letting go. Sometimes we tend to hold on to things without even knowing, which keeps us stuck in loops. Change requires acknowledgment and unconditional acceptance of the old patterns we struggle with. Unconditional acceptance can be magical if it's accomplished with deep introspection.

I hope and pray that this year is filled with unconditional self-love and acceptance for everyone. I know the world is still caught between the waves of sorrow, but there is no greater power than hope—the hope of a kind and loving future.

With love,



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