Linzeez Thrifteez

By: Lindsay Kranitz

I have found that the last couple of years have been a major transformation period for my style. I realized that I appear to be more excited walking into a thrift store than I do an Urban Outfitters. The adrenaline I encounter while mindfully searching for the most perfect vintage pieces surpasses any feeling I get while mindlessly looking through made-for-season clothes in fast fashion stores.

After doing some self reflection and research, I have come to the conclusion that not only does thrifting make me happy but it also makes the environment happy. The fashion industry has a major impact on climate change. It produces 10% of the world's carbon emissions, and this percentage is growing year to year. Long story short, second-hand fashion is the way to go.

Taking into account my urge to learn more about sustainable fashion, and my love for vintage clothing, I dove right into the world of vintage resellers on Instagram. Linzeez Thrifteez sells 100% pre-owned pieces curated based on the latest trends, what my followers want to see and my personal style. During countless trips to the thrift store sifting through endless racks, each small collection is uniquely picked. No item is the same, which makes every item so special.

I am very particular about how I take photos of the clothes. I pay attention to details because I want my followers to fall in love with the fabric, labels and stitching, as well as the item as a whole.

I post a collection of three items at a time scattered throughout the week, giving my followers a few days in between each collection drop to look through and see what is still available. Each piece of clothing is sold at a buy-it-now price. A collection can range anywhere from size inclusive jeans, skirts, shorts, to sweaters, graphic tees, jackets and even handbags.

If you would like to support my small business and sustainable fashion, follow @linzeezthrifteez on Instagram for more information and cool clothes!

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