Maybe it’s not just on us?

By: Grace Truth

The hardest lesson I’ve learned growing up is that I’m probably not a big deal.

Our generation was raised on stories of seemingly normal teens who are suddenly and seemingly randomly told that they’re meant to save the world.

Through characters like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, we were encouraged to strive for the impossible goal of becoming the hero of this story—of our world.

Since the dawn of our existence, we’ve shared stories. They’ve been passed across the fire and down the generations. They’ve built community and have been our inspiration for the future.

Our generation has grown up in a world that has all the odds stacked against us: climate change, civil unrest, a pandemic, social platforms that are constantly reminding us of our own inadequacies and subsequently causing crippling rates of depression and suicide. To cope, we were given stories that inspired us to try and fight for the unachievable goal of being the one person whose responsibility is to take over the world and fix everything. Have you, dear reader, ever thought of how much pressure that put on us? Growing up, I felt like every issue I saw in the world was something that I, and only I, had to mend. It never crossed my mind that maybe the key to rebuilding and creating a better world is to come together with others; maybe we don’t need a singular hero, but a collective.

So thank you, authors of my youth, but respectfully, I think I’m going to write a different tale for the next generation. These stories will center around how important it is to share the burdens of our world within a global community, and that we all share a responsibility to care for each other and the next generations to come.

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