morning dew

when you wake up

open the blinds on the window

daylight washes over you

the windowsill is turned golden

its frosted edges melt

and pool on the earth below

walk into the kitchen

wait for the tea kettle to hiss

sip your chamomile

so sweet it might as well be ambrosia

watch the final rays of sunlight

as they climb over the mountaintops

touching every empty space and hidden crevice

embracing the world like mother and child

nothing too far out of its reach

pull on your shoes

step out onto the soil

damp with morning dew

careful not to tread on any flower buds below

daring to poke their heads out

walk down to the once-frozen lake

to which the migrating geese will soon return

reeds sway in the gentle breeze

two chipmunks play a game of tag on the grass

somewhere a bear emerges from his cave

bees start their buzzing

and birds start their singing

shake off the chill threatening to creep up your spine

plant your feet on the ground

breathe in the fresh morning air

warm, beautiful things are to come


Miriam Chester

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