On-Campus Fashion: Styles on the Quad

by Lauren Mulvey

You know those moments when you see someone standing to your right in Starbucks, or out on Parker Quad, or sitting next to you in the library, and they just have the best outfit you’ve seen all day, week or month? And you just wonder… How did they get inspired?

You don’t have to wonder any longer about what crossed their mind that morning or where they got their groovy jacket or pants. Here are some great styles from the academic strip, Element 93, and all the nooks and crannies of campus.

Let’s meet some stylin’ students:


This is Kristina. You may have seen her around campus rocking street style fits with feminine undertones. Dressing herself with ‘70s-era Italian film stars in mind, she loves merging sleek Italian fashions with the rougher tones of New York street style. Check out the fun blend of colors and textures in her outfit on the academic strip (pictured).

Where does she shop? Thrift stores


Meet Emily! Spotted in Element 93, Emily can usually be found wearing amazingly-crafted, simplistic outfits. Emily attributes her knack for style to her NYC high school’s lack of dress code and her peers from different urban backgrounds. Alongside this, she finds herself inspired by fashion found a click away on her Instagram explore page, as well as shows such as “Euphoria,” “Skins” and “Glee.”

Where does she shop? Thrift stores, Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville


Here is Jalina. Mixing casual and formal pieces, she creates cohesive outfits out of unlikely pairings. She dips her toes into both feminine and masculine aesthetics to create truly unique and elegant looks. Drawing inspiration from media, she often imitates looks found on Instagram, altering them to perfection with her eye for distinctive combos.

Where does she shop? Thrift stores and Depop

Sophie & Eva

Meet Sophie and Eva. The pair can be found sporting cute combinations of girly and grunge pieces as they walk to and from class. Sophie, seen here wearing a gorgeous red floral dress, is most often inspired by her housemates, grandma-style clothing and layered combinations. Eva is inspired by earthy tones and warm colors, but most importantly loves to be comfortable, often opting for tees and sweaters. Both draw inspiration from the people in their lives– and Pinterest.

Where do they shop? Thrift stores, L Train Vintage and Depop

Mo & Xano

These stylish students are Mo and Xano. They can be spotted from across campus with their amazing daily looks. A powerful pair, both find their own sense of individuality a source of inspiration in their fashion choices. They are influenced by friends, as well as public icons such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Drake and A$AP Rocky.

Where do they shop? Thrift stores, Topman, Curiosity Brand


This is Chris. You can catch him around campus on a skateboard or sitting in Peregrine with friends. Chris finds himself drawn to baggy clothes and grungier, vintage styles. Figures like Tyler the Creator are idols he emulates. He often finds himself wearing sneakers or sandals paired with baggy pants at ankle height and a tee shirt or sweater.

Where does he shop? Depop and thrift stores


Introducing Randy. You may have seen him clad in some pretty cool pieces around campus. He listens to many different playlists and carefully picks clothes to create a physical interpretation of the sounds; he’s inspired by both the beats and the lyrics. With different playlists for varying genres, he pulls off a killer new look everyday.

Where does he shop? Thrift stores, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Levi’s and Madewell


Say hello to Andrew! Pictured near Parker Quad, Andrew is not hard to spot. He can be seen strutting around campus in the coolest colors and patterns you’ve ever seen. Andrew feels inspired by bright colors and likes the idea of standing out. He tends to pick things that pair well to create a complete outfit. Drawing inspiration from cartoons, he’s often dressed like cartoon villains because of their “fun style.”

Where does he shop? Amazon and H&M


Have you met Simon? You’ve probably seen him skateboarding by in some cool sweaters and grunge looks. His inspiration changes daily, and here he is inspired by WWI soldiers. What he wears day to day depends on his mood and the weather. An admirer of older actors, Simon loves how classic figures like Paul Newman and Steve McQueen presented themselves. His go-to look is also classic: black pants and a classic white tee.

Where does he shop? Thrift stores and friends’ closets


A version of this post originally appeared in “Tenacity” The Teller October 2019 Issue #7

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