Pandemic Proof PinDrop: Huckleberry’s

If you’re anything like me, a homebody, quarantine has done more justice than not. However, I’d like to believe that even a homebody can get a little bit of cabin fever and want out. I think it’s safe to say that we may or may not have finished our spring semester in every room in our homes, and that’s as much “change of scenery” we’re going to get. But now that strict quarantine rules have been lifted, I think it’s an appropriate time to experiment with some restaurants periodically to see how “pandemic proof” they really are.

It was Friday, July 17, and the first restaurant on my list was New Paltz’s very own Huckleberry. It may be a little embarrassing to say, but as a transfer student who’s been living here for a year and a half, this was my very first time going to Huckleberry’s.

Walking down the pathway into their patio, Huckleberry’s already has gained brownie points for having outdoor seating, a rustic exterior and a system that worked quite well. You’ll find yourself waiting at a table that serves as a host stand, six feet away from the person in front of you that is ordering their meal. When the person in front of you has placed their order and has sat at a table, you’ll proceed to do the same and once your drinks/meals are prepared, they’ll call your name so that you can receive your order (FYI: Outdoor seating is first come first serve, so you might wanna plan around a time that isn’t “rush hour”). I will say that the tables aren’t exactly six feet apart, but everyone at the patio was quite cooperative with wearing masks when they weren’t eating or drinking.

What I appreciated the most about Huckleberry’s was the ambiance that started to subtly make its way through around the summer sunset time, and the stringed lights that started to grow brighter. It makes you feel as though the decent summer that we’ve hoped to have is still lingering around somewhere.

The perfect drink to pair with the Friday fun was called the Lighting Bug. The Lighting Bug consists of bison grass vodka, lemon, sage, lemongrass, sparkling wine and grapefruit bitters. This drink was very playful, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it made me think of a lemonade stand in our neighborhoods when we were younger. Needless to say, Huckleberry is well-deserving of a pandemic proof pin drop!

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