Pandorica restaurant review (small)

By:Jessica Mercurio

“Doctor Who” has taken over the Hudson Valley. Beacon, NY, has been home to The Pandorica restaurant since its opening a few years ago. It’s a quick walk from the B bus stop on Main Street. This “Doctor Who”-themed restaurant serves food inspired by the show, like the Eleventh Doctor’s favorite meal of fish fingers and custard. Enjoy a nice meal with your family or friends while watching the show. The restaurant has “Doctor Who” playing in the background. A big television is placed near the kitchen. The tables have TARDIS-painted vases with sunflowers in them.

If we weren’t in a pandemic, you could attend events. They’ve had paint-and-sips as well as a planned “Doctor Who” convention that has been postponed until further notice. You can have an actual adventure at this restaurant after exploring the town. Right now their hours are Friday and Saturday 12-9 and Sunday 12-6. No one can be unhappy when they take an adventure to the Pandorica. Maybe when you go the Doctor will appear in his TARDIS, come up to you, and whisper in your ear, “Run!”

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