Patterns in Bloom

by Madeline Tyrrell

As the temperature starts to rise and the sunlight returns to warm up New York, spring has finally made its long awaited return. On campus and in town, heavy winter jackets are being shed and a beautiful array of spring outfits are being pulled out the back of the closet.

Incorporating patterns is a great way to spruce up and revive your wardrobe. There’s a large variety to choose from; you can even embellish your own clothes with custom handmade patterns. It’s no secret that florals make their yearly comeback for the spring season, but they aren’t the only pattern getting displayed this spring.

All around the New Paltz community, patterns as unique as the person wearing them can be found.

Button-up printed shirts showcase patterns from funky geometric designs, stripes and delicate florals. Student James pairs this bright colorful button up with white pants. The color of the pants help to bring out the white in the shirt.

Ray, visiting on accepted students day, rocks a pair of leopard pants he purchased at Urban Outfitters right before his visit to New Paltz. Animal prints have become increasingly popular this season.

Megan uses a chunky belt to accessorize her patterned shirt, which was a gift from her sister. The contrasting warm and cool tones weave together beautifully in the intricate pattern. Her earrings helped compliment and excuntiate the blue details of the shirt.


A version of this post originally appeared in “Clarity” The Teller May 2019 Issue 6

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