Pensive of Memories

Pensive of memories, down in the meadow

A walk through lush grassland on a warm day

The chirrup of grasshoppers follow, hanging from a stalk

In the shades of common green, silent cousins accompany

Zealous love of a courting couple

Floating on a leaf, locked together in a long embrace

Dancing over the common spotted orchid

Dreamers in meadowland discovery

Delicate wildflowers spread in drifts across

Whites and pinks, crouched down, admiring beautiful blemished leaves

Arresting black and white mosaic patterned wings

Ruling in large colonies, marbled white butterflies

Plump bodies, narrow wings, vivid red and black skin

Proving their existence, species of burnet moths

Revered among the breaths in the pastures

Taller, purple-pink, faintly sporadic greater Knapweed

The buzzes of the bees, impressive the tales of the thrives

Layers of grasses giving rise to the thistle seeds

Ensuring sustenance for the essential locale

In the valley of contentment, stood firm and elegant

The ethereal meadow, old as a medieval basilica

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