Review of King Kone in Westchester, NY

By: Marissa Ammon

If you love Twistee Cone, you will love King Kone in Somers, New York. I have gone to this ice cream spot every summer since I can remember. It’s the ice cream destination that Westchester is all too familiar with. Located on 109 Route 100 across from the 7-Eleven, King Kone has two incredible soft serve flavors,vanilla and chocolate, as well as around 20 scooping flavors and vegan options daily.

Built in 1953, the original owners did not copyright the name; therefore, you will find other “King Kone” ice cream parlors not affiliated with the Westchester establishment. King Kone is not a chain.

The current owners, Brian and Deb, took over the business in 2001. Deb said, “We opened about a month later last year because of COVID-19. We weren’t as busy as usual but we were extremely lucky compared to other businesses.”

To show how popular King Kone is, there’s usually only one parking spot available everytime I come. Patrons can eat outside on tables underneath umbrellas. There is also a sandbox for children and is a safe place to bring your dog.

King Kone is open from April to October, serving not only ice cream but also many classic American dishes like burgers and fries, hot dogs, lobster rolls and fried seafood. The shop was still able to remain safe and successful throughout the summer in light of COVID-19.

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