Revitalizing the Rom-Com: Holidate

By: Caroline Goulet

Were you a fan of “Notting Hill?” Did you like the soppy storyline of “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?” Do you miss the nostalgia of every rom-com that came out between the years of 2000 to about 2011, that quickly and unknowingly died out when action movies became popular?

Me, too. If you miss all the feels that you get when watching crappy Hallmark Movies but want a little bit of an adult tone to them, well, you’re in luck. On Oct. 28, 2020, Netflix dropped a movie that I assumed was going to be a bad version of a hallmark movie, but it was not.

My mom had watched it before me since I’ve been at college and she told me that it was a combination of all our favorite movies. I thought that the trailer looked good, but I wasn’t convinced.

The movie’s plot line is how a young woman, Sloan (Emma Roberts), has been dumped by her boyfriend right before the holidays and her mother and sister are nagging her to find someone to spend her life with. In her annoyance of being single during the holidays, she notices that her aunt (Kristen Chenoweth) brings a different date each holiday. She becomes intrigued and talks to her aunt, who informs her that the date she brought to Christmas is a “Holidate” (someone she finds and brings specifically for the holidays). It sparks a lightbulb. While at the mall, she meets Jackson (Luke Bracey), a guy in a similar situation. They decide that they will be each other’s “holidates” for the following year of holidays.

The movie progresses through all the major holidays throughout the year (New Years’, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, The Fourth of July, Halloween, and back to Thanksgiving/Christmas). It's fun to see a relationship move from being purely platonic to people who truly care for each other.

Even though the movie is rated TV-MA, the only thing that is MA is the language. It’s a feel-good movie that I watched twice in 48 hours as if it was a rental and it was going to leave the screen.

I’m a sucker for rom-coms and this is the best one to come out in a few years. I love how they incorporate a totally platonic relationship, and through each of them helping one another, they learn to care for one another and have fun during the holidays.

10/10 highly recommended. It's a good movie to throw on during the holidays to make you believe in love again (even if it is scripted).

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