Sticking with Good Habits

Halfway through this life changing pandemic, how many of you are falling behind on goals you set or habits you decided to get into? While the disruption COVID-19 brought challenges to our daily lives, it also brought the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Like New Year's resolutions, changes you decided to make at the start of this pandemic likely didn't have a foreseeable end date. Without an end date over such a long period of time, it's hard to keep up your motivation and momentum to stick with change.

Surprisingly (and unsurprisingly), you're not alone. I went home in March and vowed to learn a new language. I didn't make it through learning the alphabet.

There's no easy way to make a long lasting change stick. It's going to take hard work and dedication. If you're reading this, consider this a friendly check-in. Hi, how are you doing with those goals? If you're stalling, do you know why? Once you know what your roadblocks are, you can best decide whether you want to jump over them, duck under them, smash through them or bushwack around them. Remember why you initially wanted to make a change and recommit yourself to it. There's no limit to how many times you can hit pause, resume or even restart!

You can also consider this article a push to keep going. I see you struggling out there and I believe in you! It's hard now, but change won't happen overnight. Push through! This is a normal part of the journey. When you complete it and look back down the mountain you just climbed you'll be glad you never gave up, even if you needed to rest now and then.

Maybe I should take a look at my language notes again and see if I can move past the alphabet to some vocabulary. Why not? There's an old Russian saying that goes, "It is not a wolf. It will not run away into the woods." Our goals are waiting for us to act, not the other way around. There is still time.

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