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The theme for March 2022 Issue is "Acceleration." The month of March comes with many transformations. As the ice begins to melt and life flows into action, the energy puts us into a swift momentum physically and emotionally. We see the outdoors begin to have more “movement” as people come out of their homes to walk and enjoy warmer weather. When brainstorming for this theme, I would recommend touching on the feeling of acceleration. How we feel when we’ve been stuck in a particular mental or physical climate and all of a sudden, we get awoken by March, and things start to move faster than they did in winter. Time also accelerates as final dates and due dates grow closer, and we see ourselves overcoming obstacles and realizing we made it through the winter and almost an entire school year! This theme gives you a chance to explore yourself and analyze what makes you “accelerate” and “move” into new states of mind and body, especially after everything going on in the world for quite a while.

The sign-up process will be the same as last semester. To sign up for submissions, please add your name to the list here. If you need help with contribution ideas, please reach out to us. Our section editors can brainstorm ideas with you or help with any contribution or a thought you have in mind.

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