Sweater Weather: Four Ways to Avoid Itch and Embrace Comfort 

by Jess Barr

The dos and don’ts of wool

Wool is known for its ability to insulate heat, but can feel extremely prickly against our skin. While shopping for sweaters, it’s important to note how the wool is marketed, in terms of fiber fineness. You want to buy a wool sweater with the smallest fiber diameter to ensure a smoother material, like Cashmere (but a less expensive version).

Consider your skin

If your skin is already dry or irritated, chances are most wool sweaters are going to be especially irritating for you. Merino wool is a softer, less itchy option, but a soft cotton or fleece is your safest bet. 

Try on your garment

Sweaters are best bought in-store because the only way to really get a feel for comfort is trying it on and moving around in it. Where we usually take something to the fitting room, decide it’s flattering, and walk out; sweaters require a bit of testing. You want to make sure the piece is as functionable as it is trendy, and the only way to do so is with a tangible piece.

Think Cashmere

While cashmere is typically a more expensive and luxurious option, it’s definitely one of the softest. To avoid spending a one to two week paycheck on sweater, try thrifting (it’s better for the environment too!). This is an incredibly easy way to afford the softest of all sweaters while giving yourself a vintage edge.


A version of this originally appeared in “Comfort” The Teller November 2019 Issue #8

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