The Crystalline Train

By: Jade Mogavero

At dusk, I went aboard the crystalline train

Carts filled with stragglers—

Impatient and brusque.

Chatter would rise within the air,

Then often waned.

Carts filled with stragglers that held no possessions,

Their skulls white and frail,

Coated with strips of dry skin—

They peeled off and pieced together their masks many moons before,

I pondered if they detect mine growing thin.

The bewitching hour was the commencement of our feast

Clouds of white mice were where we began dwelling,

Escorted with rocks and grain—silky and pure,

As we sunk in our teeth.

Brewing beasts in the shells of the souls we were selling.

We swore we were immortal,

Felt our souls gravitate to a parallel dimension—

Left earth and slipped into the portal,

Endlessly floating through our spiritual extension,

Lost track of time,

Lost track of motion.

We opened our souls to ghosts and devotions

Fell for the devil’s notions

Slit gills in our throats—

Swam across oceans

Toasted the potions,

We believed we would fly,

But we drowned in the opus.

We kept our truths close

And our fallacies closest

As we captured the moments

We had no idea what we had done

Once all the siren’s songs were sung

We scraped the resin from our lungs 


A version of this post originally appeared in “Clarity” The Teller May 2019 Issue 6

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