The Cultural Importance of Voting

Election season is quickly approaching and this year’s election is more important than ever. In the midst of protests, oppression and a global pandemic, this election will decide how the next four years will play out. Now is the time to amplify the voices of those who have been oppressed due to their sexual identity, skin color, religious affiliation or gender. In fact, LGBTQ civil rights lawyer Alphonso David says the “2020 presidential election will determine whether the Trump administration's attacks on LGBTQ rights are allowed to continue -- or whether we begin the work of restoring our democracy. And while the stakes couldn't be higher, for LGBTQ people in particular, there also could not be a greater opportunity to make change.” Similar things can be said for the BIPOC community as well as any other minority group in the United States and outside of it.

Under the current administration, problems tend to receive a series of tweets rather than experience any actual change. Citizens who are eligible to vote should keep in mind the state of the country and what is at stake for people who may not be as privileged as themselves. It’s important to look at the policies each candidate is proposing, as well as the ideas that their vice president picks have voiced. Consider President Trump’s opposition to the Equality Act as one example, which “prohibits discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity in a wide variety of areas.” Even if you aren’t someone who fits into a minority group or identifies with one, you still have the chance to see things from their perspective.

The 2020 election can completely change our nation. Plenty of websites exist to provide information on candidates and their plans for the future. They also can tell you if you are already registered and how to go about voting -- whether it be by mail or in person at an actual booth. is a great place to get any information you may need in order to successfully cast a ballot. Using available resources will help you make an informed decision that will allow you to see specific issues from someone else’s shoes. Vote for your country’s future.

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