The Meunster Mash

by Gabriella Rivera

This column is dedicated to the farmer’s market every Thursday on Excelsior Concourse. I focus on creating dishes and drinks centering around a key ingredient from the market and a few simple ingredients from the supermarket to create appealing courses that are as engaging to the eyes as they are to the pallet.

While trying to figure out a recipe for this issue embodying the word “comfort,” I spotted this gorgeous baguette from the Bread Alone* stand and decided the ultimate comfort food is my favorite two things–avocado toast and grilled cheese. The Muenster Mash was born!

*Bread Alone is a family-owned organic bakery based in upstate New York that is passionate about creating good and honest food.

The Muenster Mash


  1. A baguette

  2. Muenster cheese

  3. Avocado

  4. Arugula

  5. An egg


  1. Start by heating a small fry pan to medium. When the pan is hot, add a tablespoon of butter. Let it melt.

  2. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees and lightly grease a cookie sheet.

  3. Add eggs when butter is foamy and fry your eggs over easy, or to your preferred doneness, adding salt and pepper once you’ve flipped them. I love runny eggs and the sensation of mopping up yolk with crispy toast, however this sandwich is all about comfort. Cook your yolk how you enjoy it most.

  4. Cut your baguette into long, thick ovals and lay them out onto the baking sheet and throw them in the oven to warm the slices.

  5. Remove lettuce leaves trying to keep them intact as much as possible.

  6. Cut open your avocado, run a spoon along the inside emptying it into a bowl and give it a light mash. Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

  7. Remove pieces of bread from the oven and spread each slice with a little avocado.

  8. Decide which slices will be the bottom and give each bottom half a small bed of arugula.

  9. Place eggs over the top of greens.

  10. Cover each egg with its own slices of muenster cheese and gently (without breaking the egg yolk) with another piece of baguette.

  11. Place sandwiches in the oven and toast until you have a melty, gooey sandwich worthy of being called my ultimate comfort food.

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A version of this originally appeared in “Comfort” The Teller November 2019 Issue #8

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