The Power of Goal Setting

By Megan Tomasic

It can be hard to find a purpose in our daily lives. We all need something to drive us, something to motivate us to get out of bed in the morning and start our day. Days can be long and dreary at times, but setting goals and creating checkpoints for yourself internally will have an immense impact on transforming your mental health. Setting goals for ourselves can help raise our confidence, boost our mindset and develop our character as a person. It is a simple task that does not take much time, but with consistency and practice can transform one’s outlook on life.

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Through my experiences, I have created an outline for myself to follow in order to make the most out of settings and achieving my goals. These simple three steps have worked for me. First, set your priorities. Second, focus on your potential. Finally, create a deadline by which you want to achieve your goals. Using this method can help make the idea of goal setting less daunting and more approachable.

Mental well-being is something that we all strive to achieve, although life does not make this very easy at times. We constantly have different obstacles thrown at us that require patience and perseverance, oftentimes leading us to places of frustration or anger. However, by staying on a clear path of setting our goals, we can find a purpose in the chaos. We can create structure in our day and focus on the parts of our lives that are most important, meaningful and helpful in the long-term. By creating goals for ourselves, we can block out interfering distractions. This leaves room for continuous positivity and growth.

As a fellow college student, I encourage all of you to try and incorporate the use of goal setting in your lives. I speak from personal experience and can tell you how much it has improved my mindset, mental health and overall lifestyle. We all have the ability and power to make the most out of our experiences, and through goal setting we can help enrich ourselves and set ourselves up for a successful and bright future.

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