The Rocky Horror Experience

As we get into the month of October, I think about the Halloween season. As we know, the coronavirus has changed it. For many people, the Halloween season was also known as Rocky Horror Picture Show season. This year is the forty-fifth anniversary of the movie being released and it’s the local Rocky Horror shadow cast the Apoca-Lips Cast’s twentieth anniversary.

For those of you who don’t know what Rocky Horror Picture Show, it is a cult classic that aired in theatres in 1975. The movie follows a newly engaged couple Brad and Janet (Barry Bawskick and Susan Serine) who’s car breaks down on a rainy night. They discover a castle owned by a mad scientist named Frank n Furter (Tim Curry). There is his butler Riff Raff (Richard O’Brien) the maid Magenta (Patricia Quinn) and a group Colombia (Lille Nell). Frank n Furter has creature a blonde, muscle man named Rocky that Frank wants to use as a sex doll. Things turn crazy from there. This movie is terrible, but a few years after it was released in theatres, it became a midnight classic where people yell and throw things at the screen. It’s the only interactive movie that you can make a night out of it. From there was born shadow casts, which is a bunch of people performing the movie in front of the movie.

The Apoca-Lips Cast is the only dedicated Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast in the Hudson Valley. They were founded by Michael Felleman and Nicole Graf-Javery in 2000 at Dutchess Community College when they were students there. Since that night, the Apoca-Lips has performed all over the Tri-State Area. Every year they perform at DCC the Friday before Halloween, now the Lafayette Theatre in Suffern NY, the Paramount Theatre in Peekskill NY on Halloween nights, and at the Hudson Valley Comic. The cast as bonded close together after the loss of a deal castmate Jason B. Once this pandemic is over, the cast will be back to performing.

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