To Be Important

By: Emily LaSita

After shoveling yourself into the ground,

Afraid to be heard, seen or smelt

You have finally decided to sprout out

You want to feel important

But how? Maybe you require awards?

A “K” beside a number on social media?

A glance, a dance, salacious moments?

Would that make you seem important?

But why? Because others are important to you?

Becoming air in your lungs,

When you’ve run out of breath

Do you know how to inflate a balloon?

But… there’s been a mistake.

You are chasing fleeting feelings

Deeper is something you haven’t sought

To be important; It is a permanent phase

To be important demands courage

To make decisions with impact

This couldn’t happen underground

When you to have to inhale the sun

To be important takes responsibility

Reach out your limbs and twist

Build a treehouse for yourself

They will want the same

To be important calls for inner strength

Carry it in your balloon float,

The knowledge of your worth,

Squeeze when no one can lift you

At the parade they’ll say, “How important”

But you cannot rely on billions of eyes

One day they will go blind

You have to see yourselfNot to feel, this is how to be important

Let the posts
come to you.

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