True F*cking Love; Or songs about relationships

(A Conrad & Nic Mix)

By, Elisa Rosario


We’re Not Friends - Ingrid Andress

Unknown (To You) - Jacob Banks

Mesmerize - STRØM

Just the Same - Bruno Major

Not Warriors - Waterparks

Treacherous - Taylor Swift

Happy Man - Jungle

Buzz cut - Lovelytheband feat. MisterWives

Angels and Demons - Just Loud

Let You Go - WILDES

The Few Things - JP Saxe and Charlotte Lawrence

Nostalgic for The Moment - Kathryn Gallagher

I Can Dream About You - Dan Hartman

Endlessly - The Cab

You Are in Love - Taylor Swift

Avalanche - WALK THE MOON

Lights Down Low - Jessie James Decker

Dear Nicolette - Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum

Better Now - Oh Wonder

Crazy Love - Van Morrison

You Saved Me from Myself - Colin Fray

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