Unconscious Concessions

By Madelyn Crews

monotonous repetition, Insanity’s definition

just lick three two one more red blue pills

choke them down then smoke them out

become holy green herbs, hide behind between within bound by Devils’ bills

burning bush smudges paled air

poorly kept erasure used too many times

pen’s ink the mightiest, most stubborn tool

lingers in invisible indents etched under specter sheets never seen never will see never wanna see

damn it’s foggy in here, wonder if it’ll clear

before Wolves feast on the sleepy cyclical sheep

spark up and into shadows sink before they circle

fears of fire for incineration and illumination

checked out checked in checked up checked down check nonono check the windows somebody

somebody painted the roses red

spilled sacred wine on fleeced fluttering flowers

finger-painted pomegranates splatter forbidding fields

Perspective seeps steadily through, toils and troubles, demands unison demands NOW demands

breathe deeply the Darkness in

swallow the wind

and descend

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