Where Do You Call Home?

By Morgan Hughes

Where Is It?

Schenectady NY

Describe It

Schenectady is a city in upstate, New York. Once called “the city that lights and hauls the world”, also called “the electric city” (yes I know Scranton, PA is too), Schenectady is the birthplace of Thomas Edison’s General Electric company. It’s also known for Proctors — former vaudeville house turned professional theatre, the historic stockade district and Union College. Its namesake comes from the Mohawk word “skahnéhtat” translating to “beyond the pines,” which avid Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper fans will recognize in the title of their 2012 movie “The Place Beyond the Pines” which was filmed and takes place there. It’s also a place I can talk trash about for days, but when anyone who’s never been to Schenectady insults it in any way, I will fight vigorously to defend it.

What Makes It Home?

I can’t lie and say this place still feels as much of a home to me as it did when I was younger. Whenever I’m there, the quickest thing I want to do is get out. But Schenectady’s the only home I knew growing up. So the memories, most of all, are what makes it home. My grandma’s house, which doesn’t actually exist anymore, and the deli that stood beside it. The diner my highschool theatre company would go to after every show. The park where I went on my first ever date. Most places in Schenectady hold a special piece of my heart for the memories of the times I spent there and the people I spent them with, but now it’s just a home for past me.

How To Get There

Schenectady’s about an hour and a half from New Paltz. But, having no license, I’ve never actually driven from here to there myself. Google Maps tells me however that you’re going to take I-87 until you merge onto the New York State Thruway N, take exit 25 to merge onto I-890 W and then take exit 5 onto Broadway. Then you’re there, congratulations.

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