Where Do You Call Home?

by Shyana Fisher

Where is it? Worcester, NY

Describe it It’s a very small town in Upstate New York. We have a total of 3 restaurants, an ice cream shop, and a Dollar General. There is also a Stewart’s and a movie theater. Everyone seems to know everyone, and the school district includes 340 students in grades K-12. You could probably drive through it in the time it takes you to listen to a song, but every time I pass through it I get nostalgic. Some of the most poignant memories from my past are on these streets and in that school building. 

What makes it home? The people. Sure, a lot of them can be nosy and somewhat irritating, but there’s nothing I miss more than a warm smile when I walk through the door of the local Stewart’s. Going back to the high school halls reminds me of how small my world was, but it truly was my world back then. And of course my family makes it home for me. My grandfather is the town judge, my dad is the school board president, and my mom works and volunteers at school. We are ingrained in Worcester’s roots. 

I will say that it gets old quite fast. I am ultimately glad I made the leap out of Worcester, but to quote Hannah Montana, “you’ll always find your way back home.” A little home now and again is a good thing to get your head back on straight.  

How to get there So I take I-87 North up to the Catskill/Cairo exit, and then go on 145 straight through to Middleburgh. Take a right at the fork at the edge of town, and then hop on I-88 to the Richmondville exit. Take another right, drive through the town for about 10 miles, and my house is up the road at the only four corners in East Worcester. 


A version of this post originally appeared in “Tenacity” The Teller October 2019 Issue #7

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