You Are What You Wear

by Mia Paquin

Everybody has heard the mantra “Look good, feel good,” but is there any truth behind this statement? As it turns out, a cute outfit actually has the ability to brighten your day. You don’t necessarily have to have on a fancy dress or button-down top–it’s more a matter of feeling proud of what you are wearing.

From a psychological standpoint, feeling confident in what you are wearing creates a loop of positive feedback. Essentially, being confident in what you are wearing causes others to perceive you as a competent and respectable individual. Additionally, the positive feedback on how you look enhances your self confidence (even though you should dress for yourself and not the rest of the world)!

It is notable that when we are sick, we tend to dress in baggy sweatpants and over sized sweatshirts. When this happens, we already feel under the weather in terms of our health and our outfit choice reinforces the idea that we are not at our best. Opposingly, we tend to dress well on important occasions such as job interviews and parties. During these times, we are excited and want to reestablish our good mood through our clothes.

Being dressed well also gains you more respect, as superficial as this may sound. When people see a person who is confident in what they are wearing, this person is automatically regarded with more respect. Basically, the way you carry yourself is the way others view you, and a great outfit is a perfect way to display your confidence! So, what’s the take away? I would say that since one of  the first things you do in the morning is choosing an outfit, you might as well make this simple action one that will enhance the rest of your day. 


A version of this post originally appeared in “Tenacity” The Teller October 2019 Issue #7

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